GORP — Mystery & Bit Spots
GORP, a bi-monthly show on the second and fourth Tuesday at Kickstand Comedy that was created to provide a safe, supportive, positive experience for all players but especially for those who are newer to improv. The nature of the GORP allows a lot of different ways for people to be involved, every show has space for individual performers to be characters and or perform bits.

here is how it works:
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when booking show I will contact you with a need or a prompt and we will dialogue about your role

this is a great opportunity for newer players to try out bits! if you've never done one, i encourage you to apply. it's also a great opportunity for anyone to try out a bit. everyone is welcome at GORP.

for SYTYC'P - I am always looking for people who want to be judges. as a judge you will be on stage for most of the show. you will be responsible for your character but it will need to fall within a set of parameters
for team nights - there is always a slot for a mystery guest to show up. we will dialogue about a theme for the night and about your submission. i will give feedback as needed. it's fun.

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