This is for 'Up Your Game', a video game developer networking event.
The idea is to connect artists with programmers to make better games in our area.
New people welcome!
June 9th, 7pm, at the Tim Faulker Gallery, 1512 Portland Ave, Louisville, KY.

* If you are an artist who makes 2D or 3D art (paintings, digital art, computer models, etc), with art that you can show, and are interested in possibly working on a video game, this event is for you.
* If you are a musician or sound designer, with sound and music samples you can bring, who is interested in possibly working on a video game, this event is for you.
* If you are a game programmer with a prototype of a game (or full working copy) and can show the game, this event is for you.

We need information on how many people will be showing games and art, so we can figure out how to organize the event.

The plan is to have game programmers (with games) at stationary tables. The artist and musicians will be paired off to sit with a game programmer and see the game.
Each game group will show their game for a very short period to the artist. The artist will then get to show their art to the game people, for a very short period.
A sound will go, and you'll know it's time to switch. Artists will then move to the next game group and the process will start again.
When everyone's seen everything, we'll have a general mingle time at the end.
Let's get people together and make great new games!

No one's done an event like this before, so please be patient.
If you have further questions, feel free to ask them here (add a comment): https://www.facebook.com/events/477434025738116/
Use subject "Up Your Game question", thanks.

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