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When selecting your preferred time please take into consideration that for health and safety reasons intoxicated individuals are not allowed to participate in activities at The Playground.
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We only take private bookings with a minimum of 6 people require for a booking. Confirmation of final group number is required via phone or email at least 24 hours prior to your booking.
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Activities you are interesting in booking? Costing of the activity or combo of activities will be given to you in our reply, or you can find them on our website. *
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We have a 19 seater bus available to pick groups up for free. There are restricted traffic movements on the access road to The Playground and, unfortunately, single customers are not allowed to travel individually, in private vehicles, to our site. Groups in private vehicles, including full car-pools are allowed to access the site. For groups of 10+ a minivan or bus is required. We request that all customers please respect these rules.
Would you like to use our free BBQ facilities? *
You just need to bring some food for the BBQ and (if you want) beers to enjoy after your activities (basic BBQ utensils included). We have a ZERO alcohol policies on all activities. Intoxicated individuals will not be allowed to participate in activities at The Playground.
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