IEEE Nagoya YP Social Event 2019 "Coca-Cola Tokai Plant Tour" Application コカ・コーラ東海工場見学 参加申込
We are planning to visit a Coca-Cola Tokai Plant as a social event. If you are interested in, register here and join us.
DATE: 16 September (Mon., Holiday) 15:10-
PLACE: Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Tokai Plant
DEADLINE: 9 September (Mon.)
Fee: Free
Gathering Place: NAWA Station, Meitetsu Tokoname Line
Gathering Time: 14:45

開催日時:9月16日 (月, 祝日) 15:10-
申込み〆切: 9月9日(月)
集合場所: 名鉄常滑線 名和駅
集合時間: 14:45
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