SER Webinar: Lessons Learned
SER is hosting a "Lessons Learned" webinar, featuring stories from members of our community. Would you like to share an insight or example of how you failed forward on a restoration project?

Use this form to describe your project, and indicate whether you'd be willing to present your submission during the webinar. If you have any questions, please contact us directly at:

The webinar is currently scheduled for December 18, 10AM (Eastern). Deadline for submissions is December 11.

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Provide a short summary of the project, including the restoration goals and activities. Please limit to 200 words.
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What challenge or challenges did you face with this project? Were they unexpected? Did parts of the project fail as a result?
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How serious were your challenges? Please rank on a scale of 1 to 5: 1 being that you were able to adapt to the challenge and complete the project, 5 that the challenge caused its complete failure.
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What lessons did you learn from this experience? What adaptive management changes did you adopt? How have you applied these lessons to future projects?
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Did you use the International Standards ( for the planning, implementation, or monitoring of this project?
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Contact Information
Please provide your name and email, so we can follow up with you for any further information about your project. If you would like to present your project as a speaker during the webinar, please check "yes" below. If you would like your project to be submitted, but do not wish to (or are not able to) speak at the webinar, please check "no."

The webinar is currently scheduled for December 18, 10AM (Eastern).

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