Influencer Marketing Roundtable Feedback
We would like to hear more from you. Your feedback will be incorporated in our upcoming blog posts in Influencer Marketing.
How strongly you agree or disagree that fraud is impacting Influencer Marketing?
Strongly Agree
Strongly Disagree
Where do you see fraud most prominent in the Influencer Marketing sector?
What data and technology do you think helps minimize fraud through defining if an influencer is legitimate?
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Through the growth of Influencer Marketing, how are platforms going to label, prevent, or simplify fraud?
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Micro & Macro Influencers
Is 100K followers the watershed of defining micro and macro influencer? If not, please specify.
Please choose from micro or macro influencer for the following descriptions.
Micro Influencer
Macro Influencer
Which influencer does your brand use most?
Which influencer has the most audience reach for your brand?
What power does each type of influencer hold?
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How do you monetize micro and macro influencers?
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How is quality control of a campaign different when working with micro and macro influencers?
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If you would like to be quoted, please provide your name and company below:
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