2019 PAX 10 Detail Form
This is the submission form for the 2019 PAX 10. Before filling this out, please ensure you have submitted the $50 entry fee via our store page. Also note that the deadline for this information is May 27th.
Order ID *
This is from your payment confirmation from the PA Store, and is generally a 7 digit alphanumeric starting with PA.
Game Name *
What is the name of your game?
Team or Company Name *
If you don't have one, your personal name is perfectly acceptable.
Genre *
What genre would you describe your game as belonging to?
Company or Game Website *
If your game is selected, what webpage would you like us to direct people to in order to learn more?
Game Description *
Try to keep this under 200 words. If your game is selected, this will be the text used in our promotional materials, so make sure you proof it!
Submission Platform *
This is the platform you are submitting your game for.
Release Platforms *
These are the platforms your game will be on upon release.
First Name *
Last Name *
Email Address *
Phone Number *
Link to Download *
If your game needs to be purchased from an online store, please include 20 gift codes here. For Testflight Beta Testing, email us at pax_10@paxsite.com with any preferred platforms (ie, tablets vs. phones) to work out the arrangements.
Street Address 1 *
Street Address 2
State or Province *
Zip or Postal Code *
Country *
Special Instructions
We'll definitely reach out to you if we have any problems, but if you're aware of any issues we may encounter up front, it would be great for us to know ahead of time.
Should we use a controller? *
Many PC games tend to be optimized for game controllers. Does that apply to this submission?
Upload Screenshot *
If selected, this will be the image used in our promotional materials. The ideal resolution for the purposes of our website and other marketing is 1660 x 1400, but for submission purposes the only requirement is that the screenshot is moderately high resolution and representative of the game.
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