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To register for SPID on the WEB sessions, please follow this two step process: STEP 1 = Complete this sign up form below as a parent, tutor or participant. STEP 2 = Read the guidelines and sign the consent form (https://signnow.com/s/V2wy0dKY).

If you have any doubts, please contact us.

Mobile: 0790 386 1674 - Email: youth@spidtheatre.com
Participant General Information
If you have more than one child you can use this form for all children in your household. Please add participants personal information following always same order.
1. Which of the below activities are you interested in? *
2. Participants name (if more than one child add all participant names here) *
3. Participants birthday (if more than one child add participants information following the same order as question 2) *
4. Address *
5. Telephone number
6. Mobile number *
7. Email address *
8. School (if more than one child and go to different schools please add participants information following the same order as question 2) *
For contact in emergencies
9. Name and Surname *
10. Relationship to participants *
11. Home telephone number
12. Mobile telephone number *
How did you hear about our online activities during lockdown?
13. Maybe from... *
14. Which of the following do you have access to... *
If you have any disability or impairment, recurrent health problems of any description (including allergies), regularly take any medication or have any special requirement, including access, please give details on the box below. Any information will be treated in the strictest confidence.
Please note, for safety reasons all sessions will be recorded by SPID and stored at a safe folder.
16. Please tick which statement you agree with: *
Before ending this form we need you to read the Participant Guidelines, agree to them and provide parental consent
Follow this link to read the guidelines and sign the parental consent 👉🏽 https://signnow.com/s/spTeQvIp
I attest that... *
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