Ministry Team Leader Application
Covenant Ministry Team Leaders are men and women who, in addition to having specific skills related to their area of oversight, possess a character that reflects the way of Jesus. Specifically we are looking for the following attributes among our ministry team leaders:

1. One who is learning to love like Jesus
2. One who reflects the humility of Jesus (Read Philippians 2:1-11)
3. One who is rooted in the assurance of God’s love

Not one of us will have arrived in any of these areas, but we believe that if we are going to effectively follow Jesus those leading us need to to be on a trajectory that is growing in these areas. The following application is designed to help us discern together who will be a right fit for each Ministry Team Leader role.
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What attributes of God are the most significant to you? Why? *
How have you been growing to be more like Jesus in the past 2-4 years? *
When do you feel closest to God? (Where are you? What are you doing?) *
What areas of following Jesus/trying to live like Jesus do you struggle with the most? *
Describe a time when your idea or opinion was challenged or ignored. How did you respond? *
Can you describe a time when you’ve tried something bold and succeeded? *
Can you describe a time when you’ve tried something bold and failed? *
What have you learned about yourself through failure? *
Read through Covenant’s values at Which of these do you resonate with the most? Which do you struggle with the most? Are you ready to be fully on board with a church that affirms these values? *
What specific team leader role might you be best suited for? What gifts, skills, and experience do you have that would help you thrive in this role? *
What should we be aware of that might hinder you from serving well in a ministry leadership role? *
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