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The Philosophy Department at the University of Oregon—in collaboration with the Oregon Humanities Center as well as with faculty at the University of Kansas and Koç University— is pleased to host a monthly webinar-style conversation series on Data Ethics.

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Wednesday, July 29th 11:00am (Pacific)
Monthly Topic: What is data ethics and what can it do?
Speaker: Reid Blackman Ph.D. (Virtue, Ethical Risk Consultancy)

Thursday, August 20th 11:00am (Pacific)
Monthly Topic: The Confucian and the Californian ideology: contrasting approaches to the development of the internet and their role in the growth of a data economy.
Speaker: Tom (Xiaowei) Wang (Renmin University of China)

Thursday, September 24th 11:00am (Pacific)
Monthly Topic: Epistemic Injustice in Data Ethics: identifying the harms particular to data ethics.
Speakers: Ramón Alvarado (University of Oregon), John Symons (University of Kansas)

Thursday, October 22nd 11:00am (Pacific)
Monthly Topic: Data technology, policy and governance: what is the role of data science in democratic society and can we trust it?
Speaker: Denisa Kera (University of Salamanca)

Wednesday, November 18th 11:00am (Pacific)
Monthly Topic: Data and us: forms, algorithms and the data subject.
Speaker: Colin Koopman (University of Oregon)

Wednesday, December 9th 11:00am (Pacific)
Monthly Topic: Data Science in Scientific Inquiry, Philosophical issues.
Speaker: Sabina Leonelli (University of Exeter)

*This series is possible in part thanks to the generosity of the Oregon Humanities Center’s Endowment for Public Outreach in the Arts, Sciences, and Humanities as well as academic sponsorship opportunities from Ripple Labs Inc. at the University of Kansas.*
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