2018 BP MS150 - The Com Form
On behalf of the 2018 Communications Committee - Thank You for your interest in Volunteering in a Ham Communications related role for the 2018 BP MS150. The 2018 BP MS150 is April 28-29, 2018.

"The Com Form" as this form is called is used by the Communications Committee to compile a comprehensive list of Hams volunteering across the various committees for the event. We appreciate you filling this out as it saves time and helps keep track of communication resources, even ones not part of the communications comittee.

You will also need to complete a 2018 Volunteer Signup on the a BP MS150 Signup Genius Site (if you have not already done so). This is your official registration as a volunteer for the event and will connect you with your primary committee.


--- Communications / Hams (Break Points, SAG Stop Comm, HCP, Lunch, Shadows, Comm Support, etc.)
Use This Link: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/20f0944acab22abfd0-20185

--- SAG Drivers / Navigators: (The Vans) -- Use This Link: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/20f0944acab22abfd0-20183
--- Box / Bus Combos: -- Use This Link: boxbuscombo@gmail.com
--- CERT Teams: (Break Point Controllers) -- Use This Link: http://www.certms150.org/

If your committee is not listed the full list of Skilled Volunteer Committees is available at:

Any contact information that you enter through this form will be used for the sole purpose of the communication committee to contact you regarding the BP MS150 Bike Tour. Your contact information will not be made public, displayed on any public list, widely distributed, or shared with other rides or mailing lists.

Thank You and see you the weekend of the ride!

Vol Before? *
Have you volunteered for the BP MS150 before in a communications role for a previous ride?
Vol in 2017? *
Did you volunteer last year (2017) for the BP MS150 in a communications related role?
Past Assignment?
If you have volunteered for the BP MS150 before, what communications related assignments have you had?
Your answer
2018 Assignment *
Please indicate the area you will be (or interested in) volunteering in for the 2018 BP MS150
Assignment Comments
Any notes to add about your assignment? If you were assigned to a specific person or resource on a prior ride (i.e. ride offical, medical team #, etc ) and plan to do so again this year please indicate the person or resource in the text box below.
Your answer
Group Affiliation
If you are affiliated with a group for the purpose of volunteering for the ride please share it here (i.e. ARES Dist 14, XYZ Ham Club, etc.)
Your answer
Availability For The Event
Availability *
I am available to volunteer for the 2016 BP MS150 as follows:
Training / Pre-Event Meetings
There will be a few training and pre-event meetings scheduled. Depending on your assignment, there may be a specific assignment related training that you are asked to attend. Most assignments though do not have any required meetings, only that you are encouraged to participate in one of the general information meetings prior to the ride.
Meeting Preference *
There will be several opportunities to attend a pre-event general information meeting. Please indicate what day(s) of the week work best for you so that we can identify what works best for everyone. A meeting date during the week would start at 7pm CST, and a weekend date 9am CST.
If the option was available, would you like to attend one of the general information meetings through the web? (i.e. Using Goto Webinar or a similar product - you would see the presentation on your screen as well as hear the audio, and be able to ask questions through the web interface)
My Contact Information
First *
My first name is:
Your answer
Last *
My last name is:
Your answer
Call *
My Ham Radio Call Sign is: ('none' if not a ham, 'pending' if recently passed a licensing test and are waiting for your new callsign)
Your answer
E-Mail *
My E-Mail address is:
Your answer
Cell *
My cell phone # is:
Your answer
Other Phone
Alternate contact # (if any):
Your answer
T-Shirt Information
T-Shirt *
My Requested T-Shirt Size Is:
My Radio Capabilities
Mobile -2M *
I have a Mobile Radio capable of operating on 2 Meters at 20 Watts (or more) and a suitable gain antenna (not a 1/4 wave):
Mobile -70cm *
I have a Mobile Radio capable of operating on 70cm (440) at 20 Watts (or more) and a suitable gain antenna (not a 1/4 wave):
Hand - 2M *
I have a Handheld Radio capable of operating on 2 Meters:
Hand - 70cm *
I have a Handheld Radio capable of operating on 70 cm (440):
Fixed Setup *
I can setup my radios at a fixed location and if needed power my radios from my vehicle:
Mobile - Own *
I can setup my radios in my own vehicle for the event and power them from my vehicle:
Mobile - Other *
I can setup my radios temporarily in a vehicle other then my own and power the radios through the lighter plug or directly from the vehicle's battery (preferred). I also have magnetic mount antennas for my radio(s):
Cross Band *
I have a Dual Band Mobile Radio capable of operating in a Cross Band Repeat mode and plan to use that mode during the event:
APRS Tracker *
I will have a APRS tracker as part of my radio setup (be that a self contained tracker or my mobile radio also acts as an APRS Tracker):
The Call Sign or Tactical Call of my Tracker will be (if known at this time):
Your answer
I have the ability to RECEIVE APRS packets OVER THE RADIO and display them on a map (web sites and phone apps NOT included)
Radio Notes
Additional Notes On My Radio Setup (if any):
Your answer
Some Communication Volunteers will participate on both Saturday & Sunday and thus will need to spend the night somewhere Saturday evening. This section will be used to get an idea as to what everyone is planning on doing.

Accommodation comments related to Friday night should be placed in the notes section below.

Where Staying SAT *
On Saturday Night I will be staying at:
Accommodation Comments
Your answer
Other Stuff
Other Notes
Additional general notes / comments
Your answer
Form Good *
Was this form a good idea? (Yes I ask this on all my forms!)
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