2018 SENIA Advocacy Award Nomination Form
Please fill in this form and submit to seniaboard@senia.asia by Friday December 1, 2017
Email address *
Supporting Documentation (Must be emailed to seniaboard@senia.asia)

1. Fill in this nomination form online (see following pages)

2. Two letters of recommendation (The letters should state why the project deserves the award, in relation to advocacy and awareness of special needs in Asia, and any obstacles the project has had to overcome.)

3. Nominee to submit a personal response to ONE of the following questions:

a) What inspires or motivates you to advocate for individuals with special education needs?

b) What do you hope to achieve by advocating for individuals with special education needs?

4. Photo of the Nominee (to be used in a presentation of the nominees at the SENIA Conference)

Additional Supporting Documentation (Optional):
The following are suggestions for additional documentation that may be provided:

Newspaper articles
Documentation of other awards or recognition for achievement

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