Student High School Plans & Course Requests (2020-2021)
* All students must complete this form even if HHS is not where the student will be attending.

Tips for completing this form:

1. Every freshman must take the 4 core academic classes below.

ELA: (1.0 credit)
MATH: (1.0 credit)
HISTORY: (1.0 credit)
SCIENCE: (1.0 credit)
= 4.0 credits

* These courses will not be listed in this form because the course level recommendation for those classes are completed by your 8th grade teachers.

Gr. 9 students/Freshmen are required to carry a full schedule consisting of seven periods (7 credits)
- You must choose ELECTIVE courses, based on your interests and goals (total of 3 credits).You do not need to choose a course in every section.
- It is important to have an alternate option for every elective you choose.

2. To select your electives, please review the course information sheet:

3. Pages 4 &5 are for students interested in Classical Academy and the Pathway programs only. Please skip to page 6 to select your electives if you are not planning on enrolling in these programs.

4. Haverhill High School offers a summer enrichment program where scholars are able choose from graduation requirements such as Health, PE, or fine arts in order to free up room in their schedule and take the prerequisites needed to enroll in more advanced coursework. Stay tuned for further information from Haverhill High School, such as the dates and times for this program, as it should be released shortly.

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