Transportation Survey
The Centre County United Way Impact Committee is researching to understand the transportation needs and challenges individuals and families experience in Centre County.

Please complete this survey ONLY if you have unmet transportation needs. Please complete and submit by 5 pm, November 30, 2019.
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What days of week & time of day are you in need of transportation? Please check all that apply.
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7-8 am
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Noon- 1 pm
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3-4 pm
4-5 pm
5-6 pm
6-7 PM
7-8 PM
8-9 PM
9-10 PM
10-11 PM
11 PM- Midnight
What are the purposes of your transportation needs? Check any/all that apply. *
What transportation options would you use if the cost were similar to that of CATA service? Please check all that apply *
Are you able to navigate to a meeting place or stop within a quarter mile of your home? *
If no, what special transportation needs do you have?
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What are your destinations (check all that apply)? *
How frequently do you face transportation challenges? *
Are you under the age of 18? *
Do you have a cell phone and cell service? *
What percentage of your transportation needs are last minute? (i.e., less than 8 hr notice.)? *
Please encourage any others in your area to complete this survey (one per person). The survery can be found and completed online at **, via phone at 814.234.8222, or by completed the printed form and returning it to Centre Helps, 410 S Fraser St., State College, PA 16801.
Please feel free to provide any other information, solutions, or comments that you believe would be helpful to us in trying to address your transportation needs.
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If you would be willing to answer any further questions we may have once we compile the results, please provide your contact information below (Notice: this is not required for the survey)
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