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Thank you for your interest in associating with Save EPA. We are a volunteer organization primarily made up of retired and former employees of the Environmental Protection Agency. However, we welcome others who are committed to our mission. Please introduce yourself by answering the below questions. We will be in touch with you shortly.
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Please let us know how you'd like to contribute to Save EPA:
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Summarize a proposed rule rollback to help the public get involved?
Draft a blog post, Save EPA statement, letter to editor, or op-ed?
Draft posts for social media (Facebook, Twitter) on behalf of Save EPA?
Edit and "package" documents drafted by others?
Identify and connect with active local groups on behalf of Save EPA?
Make presentations to groups using Save EPA materials?
Contact reporters to help roll out new Save EPA products?
Contact your representatives in Congress on EPA issues?
Identify and write up local EPA success stories?
Identify local consequences of EPA budget cutbacks for media stories?
Answer questions in your area of expertise from media, congressional staff or others?
Help with website design & maintenance or other IT needs?
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Find additional talent for Save EPA through networking?
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Other Federal government
State and local government
Advocacy groups
Local groups such as faith communities, civic groups, clubs, etc.
Other opinion leaders of any sort
Wrapping Up
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