Math Monday May 8, 2017
1.) Write your student's first and last Name.
2.) Find your student's grade level problem.
3.) Work with your student to solve the problem for their grade level.
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5.) Come to Morning Line Up on Monday for Math Monday!
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Kindergarten- Angela had 10 apples. She gave all of them to her friends. Each of her friend got two apples. How many friends does she have? Created By: Angela
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First Grade: What is 800 plus 90? Created By Alexis Ash
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Second Grade: Ivy picked up 764 pieces of trash.the next day she picked up 235 pieces of trash. How many pieces of trash did pick up? Created By: Sophia Basco
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Third Grade: Max has 32 gummy bears. He wants to share them equally with three friends. How many gummy bears do Max and his friends get? Created By: Aidan Hustead
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Fourth Grade: Bob ate 2/5 of the pie, and his sister ate 1 /10 of the pie. How much of the pie did they eat all together? Created By: Braeden Brookman
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