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The District services all Orange County Cities and Unincorporated Areas. Use the form below to report a specific problem or to request our services. There is no additional cost to requesting service.
The Orange County Mosquito and Vector Control District provides services for:
1. Mosquitoes
Inspectors will check around your house and yard to point out potential mosquito breeding sources. For large sources of standing water, treatments may be made.

2. Rats
Inspectors will tour around your house and yard to point out potential rodent food attractants and potential shelter sites where they could be entering structures.
Note: Inspectors will not set out any type of rodenticide or poison.

3. Red Imported Fire Ants (RIFA)
The Inspector will visit the mound location and determine if the colony is actually RIFA. Once confirmed, treatment will begin. The colony should be inactive within two weeks.

4. Flies
Inspectors will tour around your house and yard to point out potential fly breeding sources.

For all service requests, please note that depending on the situation, removal of these attractants/sources may be all a homeowner needs to do to take care of the problem.

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