How Low Can You Go? Challenge REGISTRATION
This initiative will challenge Broward County Public Schools to find innovative ways to reduce energy consumption at each campus. We are partnering with the Miami Heat, singled out by the National Resource Defense Council as a shining example of responsible energy consumption to encourage schools to participate and rise to the challenge of reducing their environmental impact.

The initiative will raise environmental awareness of the effects on the environment of CO2 emissions as well as educate the facilities to potential financial savings through responsible energy consumption. Curtailing wasteful spending on unnecessary energy consumption has the added benefit of allowing schools to allocate those saved dollars to under-funded programs. Reduce energy usage (percentage decrease) at your school when compared to your school usage from the same period in 2019/2020 (

PRIZES - In addition to the above environmental rewards the Miami Heat will be sponsoring an exciting GRAND PRIZE that will include

* Miami Heat/Broward Schools How Low Can You Go? Championship Banner and Plaque for your school
* Tickets and recognition at a Miami Heat game
* A pep rally at your school featuring Burnie, the Heat Dancers, and the Extreme Team

Watch a video of the 2014-15 celebration:

Additionally, this initiative is a great way to kick-start your school and earn points for the Broward P3 Eco-Challenge application:!

REGISTER BELOW and start encouraging your school to TURN IT OFF and GO LOW!

(No data collection or reporting on your end! We will compare your data from your school using FPL energy usage data)
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