2020 Press Registration
Thank you for your interest in Anime Central 2020!

Anime Central welcomes all members of the media who are involved in the anime, manga, and/or entertainment industry. Members of the Press may be employed with a major media company, independent contractors, or professionals.

The requirements for registration have been revamped for 2020 and are posted below. Please note that we now offer expanded options for members of the media to join us in coverage of the event as we celebrate Anime Central.

Each member of the outlet must be registered individually. Once you have submitted an application to register for a Press Membership Badge you will receive a confirmation e-mail. We suggest emailing your credentials to press-departmenthead@acen.org at this point as it will greatly speed up processing.

If approved, you will then receive an “Approved Press” e-mail, confirming that you have been registered for a Press Membership Badge, and listing important information regarding the convention. Please note that once you have obtained Press Membership Badge approval, each outlet member will still be required to pick up their own badge and provide valid ID (either government-issued ID, or student ID for student media) at point of pickup.

Prior press badge approval does not guarantee future approvals. Please also be aware that a request for Press Membership Badges does not guarantee approval, nor approval for the number of badges requested, at a complimentary rate. Complimentary Press Membership Badges are a privilege granted by the Midwest Animation Promotion Society (M.A.P.S.) and we reserve the right to deny Anime Central Press Membership Badge applications at any point.

We hope you can join us for Anime Central! If you have any questions, please send an inquiry to press-departmenthead@acen.org.
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