Leicester Beer Festival 2018 Staffing Form
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The information you provide will be used only in connection with Leicester CAMRA Beer Festival and will be supplied only to those people who need to know it and will only used to contact you in relation to festival staffing.
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As a festival volunteer please consider giving some time to the many areas of the festival that require staffing and choose as many as possible. Even just an hour in a different area helps with meal and comfort breaks and allows us to cope with busy periods.
Please tick the days and times you can volunteer
Select the hours which best suit when you will be able volunteer - don't worry if you arrive a little late or need to leave a little earlier. Please ensure you select the correct day(s).
Saturday 3rd March (initial set-up work)
Sunday 4th March (main build and set-up day)
Monday 5th March (set-up)
Tuesday 6th March (set-up)
Wednesday 7th March (final set up then open 5pm)
Thursday 8th March (bars open from 11am)
Friday 9th March (bars open from 11am)
Saturday 10th March (bars open from 11am)
Sunday 11th March (take-down)
T-Shirt size required
Please submit form by February 18th to ensure we can order the correct size for you.
Special requirements or anything else we should know
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