The Everything Space Feedback Form
We value you and your experience.  We know that feedback is essential to growing resilient community together.  

After attending an event at The Everything Space, please let us know how it was for you.

Thank you for sharing your wisdom and perspective.

This feedback form is seen by both Abbi Jaffe and Amanda Franz.  

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What worked well for you?
What constructive feedback do you have?  What are places for improvement?
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What questions are alive for you now?
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How else might we provide offerings that would support your resilience?
Garden and Food Sovereignty
Outdoor Activities: running, biking, hiking, skiing
Outdoor somatic free movement activities
Indoor gym or fitness activities
Dance/free movement with music
Contact improvisation
Mindful movement
Classes to learn about applied anatomy, physiology and nutrition
See practioners who support healing and growth, ie. massage, herbalists, somatic bodyworkers, etc
Body based emotional health activities
Combining somatics with other activities: political activism, cooking, writing, gardening, etc
Nervous system and Trauma-informed education
Thanks for being a part of this vital community.  We are tenderly growing this space and would love your support.  There are a few different ways to do that.  We greatly appreciate any and all you can do.  
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Let us know how this place, or these teachers, have influenced and changed your life.  And, let us know how to credit you for what you write.  As in "here's all the nice things" by "Lila Lornix, 42, teacher" or "M.G, farmer".  Thanks so much.  
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