BDL Kids & Teens Short Film Festival 2020
Submissions accepted through March 31, 2020
Winners announced April 3, 2020
Submission Guidelines
Calling all book nerds! If you’ve ever said, “The book was better,” about a movie, then this contest is for you. This short film festival is actually all about books! You have two minutes to summarize the plot of your favorite children’s or YA book any way you like. You can use real people as actors, use stop-motion techniques, or use screen capture to film a movie on a computer screen.

To enter you must be a K–12 student, but feel free to enlist the help of adults. You can do it all by yourself or as a team. Check out our website for a few great examples. By the way, if you choose a Newbery Award winning book, you can enter your film next year in the national 90-second Newbery contest.

Here’s the rules:

Your film should be about two minutes (if it’s three minutes but absolute genius, we’ll bend the rules for you, but try to keep them short).

We’re not looking for book trailers, video book reports, or someone telling us about the book into the camera. We want full-on MOVIE DRAMATIZATIONS, with mostly kid and teen actors, that tell the whole story of a book in two minutes. Your film should not end with a narrator saying stuff like, “To find out what happens, just read the book.” Give us the entire story—abbreviated, and dramatized.)

Upload your videos to YouTube or another site of your choice and submit the link to your movie on our website.

Submissions will be accepted February 1 through March 31, 2020, and we’ll show the movies at a special screening over Spring Break (April 6–10, 2020). Prizes will be given out for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.

Questions? Call us at 269.695.3681 or email
Good luck and happy filming!
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