Co-Streamer Application Season 1 - Community Clash League by HeroesHearth
HeroesHearth and the Community Clash League will be offering the opportunity for co-streamers and casters around the world to broadcast either the main channel broadcast coming from OR a clean gameplay feed of official CCL matches on their own Twitch, YouTube and/or Facebook Live channels.

Co-streaming offers value to CCL's sponsors and co-streamers will be helping with CCL's future success! Please read the requirements for apply for co-streaming below.
Requirements for co-streaming CCL broadcasts/accessing CCL clean feed
1. You agree to include "CCL by <sponsor name TBD>" in your stream title for every broadcast you co-stream.
2. You agree to run a !CCL command in your chat and use the exact command text provided to you by HeroesHearth.
3. You accept the CCL code of conduct and understand that violation of that code of conduct is grounds from removal from the CCL Co-Streamer program.
4. You understand that your stream statistics will be used by HeroesHearth as part of our aggregate viewership numbers to report to sponsors.
5. You understand you must join the HeroesHearth Discord to receive information about the broadcast clean feeds, information about chat commands, and instructions from the HeroesHearth Admin Team.
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I would like to co-stream the CCL broadcasts because (check all that apply):
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I understand that I will be required to include "CCL" in my stream title for every broadcast I co-stream. *
I agree to run a !CCL command in my chat and use the exact command text provided by HeroesHearth. I understand that this command may include sponsor information that is not affiliated with my stream. I also understand that the command text may change periodically and I will be responsible for updating that information when instructed by HeroesHearth. *
I agree to the HeroesHearth and CCL Code of Conduct: Kindness, positivity, and a sense of welcoming are at the core of our values of the Community Clash League (CCL). HeroesHearth and the CCL will not tolerate any discrimination. We advocate for diversity, respect, acceptance and kindness, and it is expected of everyone co-streaming broadcast content of the CCL. Hate speech and discriminatory language is inappropriate. Threatening or harassing another person is equally as intolerable, regardless of language used. HeroesHearth and the CCL Administration Team treat incidents of discrimination very seriously, and are committed to taking steps to address any complaints that are submitted to the organization. The CCL Administration team reserves the right to be the defining voice on what is and is not in violation of the Code of Conduct. Violation of any of these expectations will result in disciplinary action, up to and including removal from participating in the CCL Co-Streamer Program. *
I understand that I cannot cover up or obscure any CCL logos or CCL sponsor logos on my stream when co-streaming. *
I understand that if I choose to use the clean feed, it will include in-game draft and gameplay only. If the clean feed is showing anything else, that is not in game (lobby creation, visible in-game chat, etc.), I understand that I need to cut away from the clean feed stream until gameplay resumes. *
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