Personal Stories from the Women's Game
In a coordinated effort to show World Rugby the impact of the proposed reversal of the currently approved 2019 Transgender Player Policy, International Gay Rugby (IGR) is reaching out to as many stakeholders as possible at all levels of the game to defend trans and non-binary rights.

The rights and safety of trans women, trans men and non-binary folxs are at risk.

We are calling on cis women in the game to use their power and privilege to celebrate the impact of the trans and non-binary communities on our sport!

We are calling on trans and non-binary folxs to share with us the impact the rugby community has had on your lives!

This call for positive personal stories from both the trans and cis women's rugby communities is one of several world wide initiatives. We would love to hear from you. Confidentiality is of paramount importance for our trans and non-binary communities and as such, will be kept.

If anyone filling out this form explicitly chooses to share their name with their story, you are welcome to do so. Keep in mind in your personal story to maintain the confidentiality. All responses will be reviewed and any identifying information (personal names, team names, etc,..) and be redacted to protect confidentiality.

How would you describe your gender identity?
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Tell us your story!
Feel free to answer as simply or fully as you like: If World Rugby were to approve of a policy that severely restricts the access of the trans and non-binary communities to the sport, how would that impact you personally? How would it impact rugby? How would it impact your sense of community?
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