Post-Workshop Questionnaire (Pinterest)
This is anonymous, so please be honest. Your feedback is much appreciated!
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Overall Experience *
How would you rate your overall experience at the workshop?
Level of Instruction *
How would you rate Paula Coop McCrory as an instructor?
just okay
super great
Comments on Instruction
Timing *
What did you think of the length of the workshop?
waaaaay too long
too short! i wish there was more
Pace *
What did you think of the pace of the workshop?
much too slow
too fast! I couldn't keep up
Thoughts on the Workshop format
Any comments on the order of topics covered or the topics themselves?
Pricing and Value *
Do you feel that you received good value for your money?
not really - it was too expensive.
absolutely! It was a deal!
Other Workshop Topics
Are there any other tech-related workshops that you'd be interested in taking? Either ones that are currently on offer from Camp Tech, or ones you'd like to see offered?
General Thoughts and Impressions
Any and all feedback is appreciated. Seriously. If you enjoyed yourself, feel free to leave glowing praise. And if you didn't enjoy yourself, constructive criticism is helpful and welcomed.
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