Needing a bit of help shopping? Here's a Norwex 101 Crash Course! :)
We've put together some info and links to help familiarize you with the basics of Norwex so you can still learn about it's AWESOMENESS and decide which items could be helpful in your home! The videos are only a few minutes long, so it won't take much time at all! If you have ANY questions, please don't hesitate to contact me directly or ask your host!

This is a "dip your toe in the water" introduction to Norwex and the Safe Haven 5 - a popular and recommended set of starter products for radically reducing harmful chemicals in your home and cutting down on disposable waste! In this crash course, you'll learn:

💦WHAT is so special about Norwex microfiber technology,
💦WHY cleaning can be more effective and time-saving with just water, and
💦HOW to use these products to reduce waste and replace harmful chemical cleaners in your home!

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Compliments of your... 
Our Most Popular Package... IN ACTION! :)
The Safe Haven 5 is our most popular starter package with the Just Add Water & Safe Haven PLUS coming in a close second! All three are an awesome way to get started with Norwex! In this first video, the leader of our team, Sonya Eckel, demos the top five Norwex products! :)
**Be sure to reach out to me (or your host) with any questions!**
New to Norwex? These FIVE products are the perfect place to start!
How do our cloths compare to disinfectant wipes & other chemical cleaners?
In this video, Sonya demos our amazing MOP SYSTEM that will clean your floors to a streak-free shine in HALF THE TIME... using ONLY WATER!!  
Watch this to see our March 2024 New Norwex!
Spend & Save Offers!!!! 😍😍😍
Wish list getting bigger than your budget? Host an event!
Hosting a Norwex demo is so easy - you don't even have to clean beforehand! Not only is it a great excuse to get friends together, they will THANK YOU for introducing them to Norwex! PLUS I looooove SPOILING my hostesses with tons of FREE product (usually around $250 worth)!! By booking your own demo, you'll also be helping your hostess earn her rewards 🙂 Here's an example of what our hosts can earn at a fun gathering, with me as the entertainment .😂
These Norwex hosting rewards are so fun and generous!! Check out the shopping spree you can cumulatively earn by hosting this month on top of it all!! You get to shop for what YOU have on YOUR wishlist!! 💕  
Here are the Norwex Host Perks explained!
Why is it important to detox our homes from harmful chemicals? Listen while Amy Cadora, Global Chief Marketing Officer, as she outlines the potential harms of endocrine-disrupting chemicals.
2023 Norwex Catalog Link:
I recommend starting at the END of the catalog, where the money-saving packages are. Most popular packages are the Just Add Water and Safe Haven 5! You'll be set in every room for years to come!

There are tons of the other hidden gems in our catalog, as well! :)
Love it ALL? Consider the possibilities of the consulting side!
This is seriously the best deal out there!!! Wanna know why? Because it can help you achieve the life you want, on YOUR terms. Your hours, no boss, YOU decide how to do it. This company is changing lives not only with the products but with the business, too. Never in a million years did I see myself in direct sales, but here I am, loving it, because I'm so passionate about the power of this company and it's mission.

Here's the skinny on our starter kit: Costs just $10 upfront (for all of that 👇),  you can earn your kit for FREE with just $1000 in sales in your first 30 days ~OR~ $2000 in sales in 90 days. And with our 35% commission, once you sell just $600 (1-2 parties typically), you've made enough to cover the kit cost of $200 if, for some reason, you don't hit the $2000 in 90 days. Try it out, it could be the thing you didn't know you were looking for! (Details:

Message me for more info if I've piqued your interest!
And if you go the Consultant Route, you have a on-time opportunity to add on this Upgrade Package at the time of sign-up!
Look at how easy you can Norwex your home and get off to a great start sharing Norwex with your friends and family!
Here is how you can start with Norwex! 
There are 4 ways to join Norwex in the month of July!  
Oh man, I almost forgot to explain how to order!
👉Ask your host for his or her specific SHOPPING LINK for the fastest ordering!

Your order will then ship right to your front door, typically arriving within a 1-2 weeks!!

Monthly specials can be found under Customer Specials, and any money-saving packages are in the Norwex Collections tab. Package items ordered separately will NOT be automatically discounted.

***Again, when it asks you if you're here for a party, be sure to click YES and find or confirm your host's name (<--- super important step)!***
What if I don't like it or I have a problem? How long will these last?
Norwex stands behind their products 100%. Microfiber products carry a 2-yr warranty (they last longer than that by caring for them well!) and every single product has a 60-day satisfaction guarantee!!!! When you get your order, try them out!! Contact me if you have any issues and I will help you!
Our mission
Please contact me or your host with questions or if you need guidance! I am here to help!!
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