Release Promotion for The Second Shot by Bethany Maines
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Cover Reveal: September 19, 2019
Release: October 24, 2019
Genre: Romantic Suspense

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The Second Shot is book 1 in The Deveraux Legacy Series. This is a standalone book. It is approximately 74,000 words.
The Second Shot is a romantic suspense novel with a debutante heroine, a U.S. Marshal hero, and an opera's worth of family secrets. With multiple points of view, a second-chance romance, feminist flair, and thrills at every turn, The Second Shot delivers a one-two punch of passion and action that will keep readers turning the pages.

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═══ Synopsis ═══
When U.S. Marshal Maxwell Ames accidentally attends a political fundraiser for Senator Eleanor Deveraux, he realizes that it’s his chance to make up for the one drunken mistake of college that cost him the affection of Eleanor’s granddaughter, Dominique. There are just two tiny problems with reconnecting to Dominique: the handsome guy at her side and the car that just came through the window of the tennis club. Socialite heiress Dominque Deveraux never expected Maxwell Ames to reappear in her life, let alone apologize, but when a car crashes through the window, suddenly Max and her cousin Jackson are the two most reliable people in the room—and the only two who believe her when she says she recognizes the get-away vehicle. As Dominique investigates further, she finds the lives of herself and her family threatened at every turn, and Max quickly becomes far more than her one-time college classmate. But a misunderstanding about Dominique and Jackson’s relationship, and Max’s work, drives a wedge between Max and Dominique. But when mercenaries attack Dominique’s home, Max must act swiftly to make sure that he’s the only one who gets a second shot at Dominique.
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