Curious Cabinets Exhibit: Open Submissions
We are excited to announce a new videogame arts exhibit organized by the Hand Eye Society, Electric Perfume and Spritebox Arcade with funding from the Toronto Arts Council! We’re looking for SIX Toronto-based artists to showcase work for one of two unique arcade machines, the One-Button Torontron and the SpriteBox, as part of a 1-month public exhibit at Electric Perfume in mid-July.

More details here:

There will be a free Info Session on Saturday, April 29 from 1-3 PM at Electric Perfume for interested developers and the game curious public. Here's the Facebook event page:

We may accept some submissions on a rolling basis, and other artists may be curated specifically for the exhibit; however, all artists who apply will hear back within two weeks of the deadline. Curated artists may also be invited to give a brief presentation of their work at the public launch event, which will kick off the exhibit and help promote awareness of it and the artists. We can pay artist fees of $300 for the exhibit of each accepted game, to a maximum of six games.

The deadline for Open Submissions is MAY 10 2017. Contact with any questions.

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This exhibit is focused on artists living and creating art in this region.
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Will your game be custom-made for the cabinet you selected? *
Artist Statement and CV *
Tell us about your artistic practice as a game-maker and how it relates to your submission! Also, if you have a CV or list of relevant works, please include a link to it here. Online portfolios or websites showcasing your work will also go a long way to help us understand your previous body of work.
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Project Description *
Give us a detailed breakdown of your submission: Gameplay mechanics, visual aesthetics, theme, etc. Also include technical specs such as how big your game will be, how much power it needs, and any other details that will help us envision your project. If designing for the SpriteBox, be sure to state which controls you'll be using.
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Support Material *
If you are submitting a finished work or work in progress, you must include links to at least 5-10 screenshots and/or video showing gameplay (video is preferred). If you are submitting a proposal, please send any sketches, concept art, or audio/visual material that would help give us a better picture of your intended final work.
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Do you consider yourself to be part of a marginalized group?
You can be as detailed as you want in this section, or not. This information is simply to give us a better idea of the backgrounds of our applicants, and to make sure the exhibit fairly represents a diverse range of artists. This information will not be shared with anyone outside of the project organizers. You can also privately send this info or any questions, concerns, or requests for accommodation to the Executive Director of the Hand Eye Society at
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