2023-2024 Sphero Hero Application

The Sphero Hero Program is a global ambassador initiative that identifies and celebrates pioneering educators who are effectively integrating Sphero products into their classrooms and curriculum. These educators create engaging learning experiences, inspire other teachers, and contribute to the growth and development of the Sphero community. Apply to be a Sphero Hero for the 2023/2024 school year today!

Important Dates:

July 17, 2023 - Applications close

August 10, 2023 - New Heroes notified

Application Overview: 

Section 1 - 2023-2024 Sphero Hero Application
Please read though all the steps for completing your application. We can't wait to hear from you!

Section 2 - ABOUT YOU
Respond to short questions about you.


Respond to short questions about your professional experience.

Section 5 - VIDEO BIO
Tell us your story. Create a 2-3 minute video that shows us who you are; what makes you, you; encompass your passion and love for learning. Take creative risks and have tons of fun with it. You will attach and upload your video in this section.

To help us, find a way to address the following questions in your video:
Why did you choose education?
What are you passionate about as an educator?
How do you exemplify Sphero's mission? Read our mission statement here: https://sphero.com/pages/about-us

Section 6 - Create Sphero Activities
Sphero is about creating new and unique learning experiences for students. Design and share two NEW and ORIGINAL Sphero and/or littleBits activities (of your own).

Each activity must demonstrate an understanding of age-level-appropriate content that is highly engaging and accessible by all learners. Activities must be made PUBLIC. Please allow 72 hours for activity approval in the Sphero Edu App. You will share the name and link to each of your activities in this section. Do not submit another person's activity. Do not submit an activity that you made that is already in the Sphero Edu app or littleBits Classroom.

Activities need to include:
  • Age/Grade level(s)
  • Content standards alignment
  • Clear teacher instructions (educator tips) and self-paced student instructions
  • Digital content (YouTube videos, handouts, lab sheets, images, etc.)
Submitting your activities: 
BOLT, Mini, RVR+/RVR: The Sphero Edu app
indi:  Use this template as a base for creating your lesson and save to Google Drive
littleBits: Use this template as a base for creating your lesson and save to Google Drive

BONUS POINTS - Surprise us with something new and fresh! We love seeing Sphero being used in ways no one else has thought of.

Apply by July, 17 2023. Please note that you must submit your application all at once. You will be sent an email copy of your responses. If you need to edit your responses, please do so before the application deadline.

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