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At the Sustain Africa summit, there would be no keynotes, talks, or sponsor demos. Your undivided attention will be required. Phones and laptops will not be used throughout, and you will be asked to put devices away if they are a distraction to you or anyone else, as facilitators take you through the journey of Open Source Sustainability.

The program is envisioned to enable deeper collaborations and learnings across the network of participants in order to collectively improve our skills, strategies, and impact in our respective OSS efforts.

Our overall goals at SustainAfrica are to:

1) Map and compare visions for the long term health of free and open
software communities around the globe. connecting those who are
passionate about these topics and support deeper ongoing collaboration
and shared practice;

2) Frame and workshop concrete sustainability needs and challenges,
applying and prototyping strategies and practices that provide ongoing
support and leadership in sustainability practices;

3) Document models, strategies and approaches to sustainability of OSS
projects, and work toward a more sustainable future for OSS;

4) Address the “hard conversations” tied to sustainability, including
appropriate practices for companies participating in free and open
communities, and new developments in licensing and reuse.
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