The Bet50 platform is an online betting site for e-sports, live sports of various
kinds as well as dice games.

Bet50 token is an international payment system built on the EOS blockchain. It is used for making and closing bets on our Esports platform, gambling in our online Casino and will be used to buy Gift Cards.

The ultimate goal of BET50 is to become the preferred choice of payment for gaming and betting platforms all over the world. Users can be integrated into the Betfty platform and be able to spend Betfty tokens in any gaming store; online or on the street.

Users will be able to access all the Betfty services – betting, gambling, staking and buying – from our platform easily and be able to monitor their investments with the most amazing user immersing experience imaginable.

First 1000 members will get 100 each BET50 TOKENS and 50 tokens per refer


How to Join:
1. Join our Telegram Group https://t.me/betfty

2. Join Our Telegram Channel https://t.me/betftyann

3. Follow our Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/betfty

4. Like and Retweet our pinned message on Twitter

Participants must remain in all the token Telegram Channels till end of Airdrop

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