Stephen King's The Green Mile part 2
Hi! First of all thanks for filling this form in. I'm currently working on a school project in which I will be redesigning The Green Mile (think about illustration on the cover, finding a fitting font for every piece of text and think about book size etc.
I have done a survey before this one (some of you may have filled that one in too). In that survey I got all the results I needed to start desinging.
So now is the time for you guys to choose your favourite designs. I have made quite a lot so I have seperated them into sections. Each section you are going to focus on ONE specific part of the design. In some sections you can choose more than one (because choosing is hard, I know)
Once enough of you have voted on your designs I will combine each element to create the final The Green Mile Remake.

Once again thank you for taking your time to help me out!
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