Getting to Know You.
This is our getting to know you survey. It's a chance for you to provide us with some abbreviated feedback and suggestions, or for you to give us in depth feedback and suggestions. It's also a way for us to get to know our customers on a more personal level, as pen owner and what your wants and needs as a person that loves to write are. Please take some time and complete this survey. We'll be using it for a variety of things in 2017. We'll also be using it to send out random giveaways and to repost and follow our customers on social media. Let's begin?
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How Did you hear about Karas Pen Co?
How Many Karas Pen Co Products do you own?
What are the Features You Enjoy About Karas Pen Co Products (Please select 3)?
What is Your Favorite Pen Co Product?
What New Karas Product Would You Like to See?
What New Materials Would Interest You?
What New Colors Would Interest You?
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What New Designs Would Interest You?
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Fountain Pen Users: When You Buy a New Fountain Pen What Do You Look For (Please choose 3 only)?
Fountain Pen Users: Fountain Pen Pet Peeves.
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Ballpoint/Rollerball Users: When You Buy a New Pen What Do You Look For (Please select 3)?
What Refill Compatibility Would Interest You?
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Do You Own Custom Pens of Any Kind
If You Own a Custom Pen, What General Type?
What Type of Writing Instrument Owner Are You (Select only 2)?
Tell Us What You Think (Feedback, Complaints, Suggestions, More About You, Etc)
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