The Engineering Game Survey Questions
The Engineering Game: Student, Faculty, Alumni Showdown is a game show where three teams, one student, one alumni, and one faculty, will showdown and answer questions to gain the most points! In order to collect answers for the Family Feud portion of the game, answer the following questions! Some of these questions will appear in the game!

The questions in the game will be pulled from the following 13 questions, so make sure to answer them all! We encourage all alumni, students, and faculty to submit their answers by Friday, February 12th by midnight!

The Engineering Game will be livestreamed on Thursday, February 25th at 7:00PM. Registration is available at, as well as more information for the rest of activities during Engineering Week.
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1) What is the hardest engineering class at CWRU?
2) Where is the best study spot on campus?
3) What is the most popular Grab'n'Go (Grab It) item?
4) What is a place at CWRU that no one knows about?
5) What is the most popular thing to do at Sears think[box]?
6) What is something you can get at Fribley but not Leutner?
7) What is the most popular statue/building on the quad?
8) What is a reason for a CWRU student to be up at 1:00AM?
9) What item would be inside a CWRU engineering student survival kit?
10) What is a reason for a CWRU faculty to be up at 1:00AM?
11) What is the most memorable CWRU tradition?
12) What do CWRU engineering students complain about the most often?
13) What does a CWRU engineering student do during class?
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