MAHPERD Teacher of the Year Nominations
Maine Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance Teacher of the Years Awards

This year we are making the nomination process even easier for you. Please provide answers to the following questions to nominate your favorite health, physical education, dance, or recreation teacher.

General criteria for Teacher of the Year Award includes:
* Minimum 5 years teaching in discipline
*Current MAHPERD member, and a member for at least one additional year in the past 3 years
*Conducts a quality program as reflected in the national standards and Maine Learning Results which reflects an understanding of children's growth and development
*Utilizes various teaching methodologies and plans innovative learning experiences to meet individual student needs
*Serves as a positive role model, epitomizing personal health and fitness, enjoyment of activity sportsmanship, and sensitivity to students/community
*Participates in professional development opportunities
*Provides service to the profession/school/community through leadership, presentations, and/or writing

Thank you for supporting teachers and MAHPERD!
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