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Thanks for your interest in working with Molly and Ellipsem Jewelry! To ensure the process is as smooth and stress-free as possible for all involved, please take a moment to fill out the questions on the next few pages.

Note: It's perfectly okay if you don't have your project idea fully figured out yet. That said, any information you can offer now will help you and Molly get on the same page about your project that much sooner.

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Ensuring a good fit
Before getting into your project, it's a good idea to consider whether Ellipsem Jewelry is the right studio for what you have in mind. Please note:

  • Ellipsem Jewelry produces exclusively handmade work. Every piece is unique, and this goes doubly so for custom projects. If you're looking for an exact replica of an existing piece, this may not be a good fit.

  • Ellipsem Jewelry is as much about the story and human connection behind the jewelry as the final piece itself. If you're hoping for a purely transactional exchange with minimal interaction, you may want to look elsewhere.

  • Ellipsem Jewelry is happy to repair Ellipsem products but does not specialize in repairs of other makers' jewelry. That said, it may be possible to repurpose found objects or parts from existing jewelry for your project.

If you believe you and your project are a good fit with Molly and Ellipsem, click Next to continue!
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