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Apply to be a volunteer for Rocky Mountain Rebellion 2022.  Most applicants will be accepted.   Please do not apply if you are already registered for Rebellion.  If you do, please request a refund more than 60 days before the event.

We appreciate your willingness to help, the event couldn't happen with out a great crew of volunteers.

Volunteering for Rebellion will work similar to how it did it previous years.  You can volunteer for 4 hours, or for 8 hours.  The volunteer discount breaks down to $10 per hour worked, which totals to either $40 for 4 hours,  or $80 for 8 hours in discount.

After you fill out this application, it will be reviewed, if accepted we will give you a registration code you can use that will give you your discount.  You will have two weeks to use the registration code or it will expire.
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