Youth Art Month Registration Form 2021
NATA Board of Directors voted to change the number of student art works art educators may submit, depending on grade ranges you teach and building(s) you work in during the school year. If you have questions, contact the YAM Chairperson

NATA Non-Members must pay a $25 processing fee through NATA Store. Members fees are paid through membership to NATA.

Please complete this entire form to register your student(s).

ALL works must be photographed for virtual display. Please submit original work that does not violate a copyright. Remember copying cartoon characters, images belonging to others, etc. are copyright protected images.

Online Registration Due Date: February 12, 2021

All original work, labels, and permission forms must be submitted on or before February 12, 2021. Please refer to NATA website for full instructions.
Grade range definitions: Elementary is grades preK-5 or how your school district defines elementary. Middle level is grades 6-8 or how your school district defines middle school. High School is grades 9-12 or how your school district defines high school. *
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