JALT Membership and JALT Hokkaido Local Membership and Sign-up
Pay an annual fee of only 4,000 yen and you can become a LOCAL MEMBER of JALT Hokkaido. Local membership will entitle you to FREE entrance to all events put on by the JALT Hokkaido Chapter including the annual conference and Christmas potluck gathering. Local Membership means you will be part of JALT Hokkaido - a group dedicated to the philosophy of teachers helping teachers.

Annual LOCAL members of JALT Hokkaido are not members of JALT and WILL NOT receive an official JALT membership card issued by the Central Office in Tokyo. LOCAL membership DOES NOT entitle you to the standard benefits and publications associated with JALT Membership. Local Members can still subscribe to national Special Interest Group (SIG) publications but at a slightly higher fee by contacting the SIGs directly.

If you would like more information on joining JALT as a FULL MEMBER please click on the following link: http://jalt.org/joining

If you would still like to join as a LOCAL MEMBER of JALT Hokkaido you can join at any JALT Hokkaido meeting or event such as the annual conference. Or you can sign up using our online sign up form below.

Please deposit 4000 yen into the JALT Hokkaido bank account which is under the name of the former JALT Hokkaido Treasurer, Michael Mielke. The new Treasurer is Jon Thomas (jalthokkaidotreasurer@gmail.com) but Mr. Mielke's account is still being used.

Bank name: 新生銀行 (Shinsei Bank)
Account Holder: MIELKE MICHAEL
お取扱店 (Branch) : 札幌支店
店番号 (Branch Number) : 610
口座番号 (Account) : 0342438
普通 (futsuu / Regular savings account)

You can pay by cash deposit using an ATM at Japan Post Bank and Post office ATMs, Seven Bank ATMs, LAWSON ATMs, Enet ATMs (located in Family Mart stores etc).

After we confirm payment into the JALT Hokkaido bank account, your membership will be processed.

Please contact our Membership Chair, Shaun Hoggard, at jalthokkaidomembership@gmail.com or the JALT Hokkaido Treasurer, Jon Thomas, at jalthokkaidotreasurer@gmail.com if you have any questions.
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