Engineering Expo "Scavenger Hunt" (Form 2)
This activity will encourage students to look into Engineering Expo videos they may not have otherwise looked at and will ask the student a question about the material they have watched. Complete for a prize!
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Watch "MRSEC- Freezing Fun": How are you able to lower the freezing point of water? *
Watch "Your North Star - The View From Space": Do you think there is life outside of the Earth? Explain why! *
Watch "Yue Shao – Optimization in Daily Life": What is one other situation you can use optimization in your daily life? *
Watch "Film Canister Rockets- Team Science": What combination made the top go the highest? *
Watch "WI Space Race Engineering EXPO 2021": If one day you have the chance to be in a rocket, where would you like to go? *
Watch "BMES Diversity and Inclusion Committee": Why is it important to include a diverse group of people on engineering design projects? *
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