Demo Feedback
Thank you for playing the Awful Emblem Act 1 Demo! We'd love to get some feedback from you about a few key questions, then there'll be an open spot for general feedback at the end.
How would you rate your skill at Fire Emblem?
I'm new to the series.
I can beat Thracia in my sleep.
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Which difficulty did you play on?
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How difficult did you find the demo?
Very Easy
Very Hard
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How did you feel about the difficulty curve?
Very uneven, lots of spikes
Very smooth
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What did you think was the most difficult chapter?
Did you lose any characters over the course of the demo? (Please select other and specify if yes)
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Were there any characters you felt were particularly over- or underpowered?
Who were your best characters? (Max 3)
Who was your worst character?
How did you feel about the balance between plot and gameplay?
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How do you feel about the implementation of the intermission chapter?
Did you encounter any technical issues? Bugs, glitches, etc. Please be as specific as possible.
Do you have any other general feedback about the demo?
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