Scavenger hunt for Holeshot! Fill out the form, answering questions about the series. Winners will be drawn from completed forms. Include contact information. 5 WINNERS will be drawn on release day - August 23

Grand Prize - one winner will receive a signed paperback of Bike Business, an eBook of Finish Jump, a SWAG Pack, and a $10 Amazon Gift Card

Runner up - one winner will receive eBook of Bike Business and Finish Jump, and one eBook from Lynn Michaels back list (winner's choice) and a $5 Amazon Gift Card.

Bonus prizes - 3 winners will receive an eBook of Bike Business and Finish Jump.

Get the series: http://bit.ly/HoleshotSeries
And Bike Business: http://bit.ly/GetBikeBiz
--claim a FREE novella with your pre-order of Bike Business: http://bit.ly/JumpClaimForm
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Name a Character from the Holeshot Series
Name a song with Holeshot Inspiration (what makes you think of Holeshot or what you think should be on my playlist)
Name any racer in the series OTHER THAN Davey.
Who or what do you want to see in future Holeshot books?
What superhero or superpower would you want to be or have?
What Holeshot books have you already read?
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Name your favorite Holeshot couple
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