Event/Idea/Mission Opportunity Submission Form
Please note:  Event requests should be submitted at least 30 days in advance of the tentative date for review and for promotional requests.
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1-Name of person submitting this form: *
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3-Names of other people on your team and their tentative responsibilities if known:
4-Who is this event for? [Specific Group like:  Pathfinders, Women's Ministries, Youth, etc. (Be Specific!)] *
5-What is the event?  (Please provide a general description and purpose of the event and include the theme if applicable. For example: 4th of July Celebration, International Sabbath, etc.) *
6-When would you like to schedule the event?  (Be as specific as possible:  Season, Month, or Day) *
7-What TIME would you like the event to be?  (If you are not sure specifically, leave blank)
8-Where would you like the event to take place?  (Activities off the church property must be approved by the Church Board.  Please be specific.) *
9-What is the reason you think we should have this event?  (Why?/Purpose of?) *
10-Would you like this event to be shared with the Church Family & Friends and/or Community?  (If Yes, the communications leader will also be in touch with you.) *
11-What is the estimated cost if this were to be approved?  (You are welcome to list estimated costs individually. If there is no cost, put $0.00) *
12-Are there any other details that you would like to share? (If not, leave blank)
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