2024 SMART Recovery San Diego Benchmark Survey
Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. The information you provide will help SMART Recovery San Diego track our progress and how to focus our resources moving forward. Please answer the following questions as best you can based on your personal opinion and experience.
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How long have you been involved with SMART Recovery San Diego?
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On average, how many meetings do you currently attend a week?
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How did you originally find out about SMART Recovery?
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What issue(s) or behavior(s) brought you to SMART Recovery?
Do you regularly attend any other free mutual-aid or peer support groups besides SMART Recovery (AA, NA, LifeRing, Women for Sobriety, Refuge Recovery, etc.)?
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Do you attend SMART Recovery voluntarily or because it fulfills an externally imposed requirement?
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What type(s) of meeting do you enjoy most?
What is the primary thing you consider when choosing a meeting to attend?
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What trait do you value most in a SMART facilitator?
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Are there meeting guidelines you frequently experience facilitators breaking?
How would you describe a successful SMART Recovery meeting?
Have you heard of The Phoenix?
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Considering many types of diversity (age, ethnicity, gender, orientation, educational background, etc.) how diverse do you think SMART Recovery San Diego is?
not diverse at all
very diverse in all aspects
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In what part of San Diego would you be most likely to attend an in-person meeting? If you wouldn't attend an in-person meeting no matter where it was, please answer NA.
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Is there a time during the week that you would attend a meeting when there isn't one currently scheduled?
What are you most interested in reading about in the monthly newsletter?
Are there other ways SMART Recovery San Diego could improve or do you have any other feedback?
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