Winter Sports / St. Pius X - St. Matthias Academy Athletic Dept. - Student Athlete Survey
PMA Athletes: Please respond to the statements below using the answer choices provided. Mark one choice. Please take your time on this survey and choose the response that honestly represent your feelings from the entire season, not just a game, practice or incident. Be assured this form is CONFIDENTIAL and will not be shown to your coaches. It will only be viewed by your athletic director. Thanks for your participation and for helping to make PMA Athletics the best experience it can be for our student athletes.
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What grade are you in? *
What team do you participate in the Winter? *
Head coach understood I was a student with other commitments besides athletics *
How often did we pray as a team? *
The head coach showed sincere concern for my grades and academics *
Overall, I felt supported by my head coach *
Overall, I appreciated and respected my head coach *
The assistant coaches had adequate knowledge of the rules, skills and strategies *
The assistant coaches helped the players and the team to improve *
The assistant coaches were respected by players and were integral to our success *
My team showed good sportsmanship during both wins and losses *
My coaches encouraged play outside the rules ( faking injury, taking a cheap shot, etc.) *
How often did you see your coach congratulate the opposing team or fans (Win or Lose) *
How often did you hear parents or fans yelling at a coach, ref or another player *
How often did you hear parents or fans trying to "coach from their seat in the stands" *
How often did you see parents or fans using inappropriate language *
How often did you see parents or fans congratulate the opposing team fans (win or lose) *
During the season I used inappropriate language *
I showed fairness and good sportsmanship this season during both wins and losses *
Our uniforms looked nice and fit well *
The equipment (balls, bats, gear, etc) was in a state of good condition *
Playing facilities (gym, field, track) were in good condition and fit my needs *
Athletic trainers provided effective care and management of my injuries *
The hours and operation of the training room fit my needs *
Practices were the right length of time for us to be competitive *
Practices were well organized and structured *
Practices helped me improve individually *
Practices helped our team improve *
My coaches were fully engaged in practices *
Our team played the right amount of games *
The teams we played were near our team's ability level *
Teachers & Administrators showed up at games to support my team *
Please share your comments you would like to make about the season, your coaches or PMA Athletics: *
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How often did your coaches yell at another player, ref or fan *
How often did any of you coaches use inappropriate language *
My head coach made the sport enjoyable *
Our team got along and had good team morale *
I learned a lot from playing a sport this season *
Players on my team respected the head coach *
I felt I could trust my head coach *
Instructions given from the head coach to the players was clear and easily understood *
I received a fair amount of playing time *
I improved as a player this season *
The head coach had adequate knowledge of the rules, skills and strategies our team needed to compete *
The head coach helped players improve to reach their fullest potential *
Opportunity was available for each team member to communicate with head coach *
I feel my head coach listened to me when we communicated *
My head coach let team members take part in some decisions about the team *
Overall, I enjoyed playing on my team *
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