UPDATED Candidate and Sponsor Information Form
Hello Confirmation Teens! Thank you so much for your patience during these uncertain times. We are happy to be able to announce that we have Confirmation ceremony dates set for the Fall. We are asking to have resubmit your forms with the updated information.
Last Name, First Name *
Your Confirmation Name: *
Your Height for your Confirmation robe: (example: if you are 5' 2" write 5.2) *
*Please note, there are requirements for being a sponsor. A sponsor is someone who is a Baptized, Confirmed Catholic who attends Mass regularly and whose life bears witness to the catholic faith. A sponsor may not be the father or mother of the individual, but may be any other person who meets the aforementioned criteria. (Canon Law 892,893)
Your Sponsor's Name: *
Your relationship to Sponsor: *
Your Sponsor's email address: *
**Please note that there are two different times for the St. Patrick ceremonies. A strict capacity will need to be kept to due the limit of people allowed in the church. *
Due to current capacity guidelines, I understand that Bishop Reed is requesting that only parents and the sponsor are allowed at the ceremony. If the capacity guidelines change, I will be notified and the number of family members allowed will be adjusted. *
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