Nomination for Undergraduate Research Day @ the Capitol, 2017
Each year, approximately 40 undergraduate researchers from the UM-system travel to Jefferson City to visit with Missouri legislators, government officials and other stakeholders. The purpose of this event is to demonstrate to lawmakers in Jefferson City the unique opportunities undergraduate students have to participate with faculty in research at the UM campuses Many lawmakers do not differentiate between regional colleges and public research universities, and URD@C serves as an opportunity to showcase our undergraduate researchers and the unique quality of undergraduate education at a research institution. This event underscores higher education's role in developing educated citizens and preparing a work force with the necessary skills to advance Missouri’s economic growth.

Please nominate undergraduates who have been significantly involved in the research enterprise of the university either with their own project or through meaningful involvement with an on-going faculty project to serve as one of ten UMKC representatives at URD@C. To qualify for participation in this event, nominees must meet the following criteria:

• Nominees must be UMKC undergraduates during the 2016-2017 Academic Year.
• Research must have been completed under the guidance of UMKC faculty member.
• Research projects must represent significant investment of time by the nominee outside of normal course requirements and class projects.
• Research projects must follow the methodology of the appropriate academic discipline.
• The research project must be of sufficient quality to be presented at a professional academic meeting.
• Ideally, nominees are long-term Missouri residents.

Successful nominees will need to convey their experience and enthusiasm to state representatives, senators, and other state officials in a poster session. We are seeking students from a broad range of disciplines. Projects that relate to the economic development of Missouri and issues important to the state legislature (e.g., education, health, agriculture, biotechnology, transportation and infrastructure, social services, economic development) are particularly welcome Presentations that include visual demonstrations or displays beyond the typical poster are also encouraged.

Selection of URD@C representatives will be based on the quality of the project, relevance of the project to the state, and distribution among academic disciplines and the geography of the state of Missouri. Students selected to serve as Undergraduate Research Representatives will be supported by UMKC’s Office of Undergraduate Research in preparation for event with workshops on presentation skills, how the state legislature works, how to meet and greet lawmakers, and other protocol. Students will also revise their posters and abstracts for a lay audience and prepare a brief presentation on their work suitable for delivering the "take home message" in a few minutes. Students will be asked to turn in the first draft of their revised abstracts early during the spring semester, and students will participate in a practice session in late February.

Students will also communicate with their Senator and Representative about the event in advance by mail and will visit those lawmakers in the capitol on the day of the event. Students may have the opportunity to tour the state capitol and to have their photo taken with their local lawmakers to send to their hometown newspaper. Transportation to and from Jefferson City will be provided, along with a box lunch. Letters explaining the student's absence from class on the day of the event will be sent to appropriate instructors upon request.

Faculty nominators are encouraged to request the assistance of their nominee in completing the nomination form. For additional information or questions, please contact Jane Greer at

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