r0cket cat's Chibi Commission Form
Please ensure that you have read the Terms & Service (https://www.r0cketcat.com/terms) page before filling out this form.
Double-check to make sure that all images submitted are the correct references and colour.

How it will work:
1. Once the payment has been received I will put you on the queue list.
2. I will then send you a completed sketch of the work. Once approved I will then begin the final product. Please note that changes must be made before I start the final product, otherwise, I will not make any changes hence after that point.
3. I will send you both the full sketch and final product.
Name *
Paypal Email *
In order to send you an invoice.
Discord #
This is the main form of contact I will be using and will only be use for professional communication. Once our transaction is complete I will be deleting it from my person account. If you do not have a discord account, please see below.
Twitter/Instagram Account
If you do not have a discord account, this will be my second way of contact.
Social Media tag and Queue List Name Publication *
May I use you Twitter/Instagram name to tag you and post your name on the Queue List.
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