Artist Commissions Survey
Creator Resource is gathering anonymous information from artists on commissions to compile data to better help creators navigate their rates and methods. We will be posting the results of the survey at once we have enough data to put together.
Do you accept commissions as an artist? *
What is your standard rate for commissions and how do you break it down? *
If you have numerous categories for commissions, please do a point form list so it's easy to compile the data (ie. B&W Busts - $25 USD, Colour Busts - $45 USD, etc.)
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Do you (or have you considered) charging by the minute or hour for commissions?
Do you do your commissions digitally or traditionally? *
Where do you take commissions from? *
How do you receive payment for your commissions? *
Do you adjust your rates based on demand and as you feel you get better as an artist? *
Have you had work published by a comics publisher, games studio, or animation studio? *
If you've had published work, do you use this to leverage better rates for your commissions?
How much do commissions contribute to your overall income as an artist?
Do you have any other notes or comments regarding commissions that you would like to share?
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