Westhoff 2017-2018 Beginning of the Year Documents & Signatures

    Please read through the following information CAREFULLY. When finished, proceed to the next page.

    Westhoff Elementary Signature Requirements 2017-2018 School Year All of the attached forms must be clearly completed and digitally signed by the student and parent/guardian. Write N/A (not applicable) if necessary. All digital forms must be completed. Complete all forms by filling in required fields on each page, and then clicking "next" to proceed to the next page. Please note that a paper/hard copy of each document can be downloaded and printed from our website using the following link: http://tinyurl.com/westhoffdocs 1. General Information, 2. Emergency & Release Information Please provide 3 names of people that can be contacted in an emergency 3. Necessary Care & Treatment 4. Westhoff Parent/Student Handbook 5. School-wide Discipline Plan 6. WVUSD Technology Acceptable Use Policy 7. Internet Agreement 8. Library & Textbook Permission 9. Permission to Photograph/Videotape 10. Acknowledgement of Notice 11. Voluntary Accident Insurance (Myers-Stevens Packet Available at Parent Information Night) 12. Annual Notification of Pesticide Application 13. Parking lot procedures 14. Volunteer forms 15. Final Verification Page REMEMBER: STUDENT AND PARENT OR GUARDIAN MUST COMPLETE ALL (12) FORMS digitally by Friday August 18th. An emergency card, disaster card, and Final Confirmation Page will be sent home on the first day of school. Please complete these and turn them into your child's teacher by Friday, August 18th. Thank you for your cooperation. We look forward to a wonderful school year at Westhoff!